You have an awesome plan to up level your biz and you have the expertise to absolutely deliver huge value to your audience.  The time has never been better to turn up the dial so you can reach the people that need you, make a greater impact and achieve those big time dreams of yours.

You’re ready to scale up with customized marketing strategies and systems.

But there’s one problem…

You’re not able to invest the big dollars on a done for you marketing service where you have everything taken care of and neatly presented to you with a bow.  

But figuring it all on your own without any guidance- UGH!! 

It’s sooo overwhelming, challenging and time consuming!  You dread all those endless hours you’ll spend Googling & YouTube-ing trying to figure it out and you know you’ll still not have a clear strategy…  *zombie stare*

You also know you need that expert help to uplevel…

>> What’s the best marketing funnel strategy to implement for your biz

>> How to set up all the moving tech pieces and integrate them together so it works effortlessly for you 24/7

>> What Facebook™ ads to run to drive traffic and get eyes on your offers while avoiding those typical newbie mistakes that can burn through your ad spend money with no results.  *cue the heavy panic breathing*

Where you are right now is not uncommon and a natural part of your business growth journey. 

You’re officially a biz ‘tweener…. that in between stage where you’re ready to grow beyond 5k months, break free of the inconsistentency and reach those 6+ figure income goals but you don’t have enough resources to hire an agency to get a top notch marketing system done for you.

Then I have the exact thing you need right now…


You can stop all that time-consuming information gathering or freebie hunting and finally start taking action! 


(and mentorship program)

{Flashback} Do you remember when you first started your coaching business? Everything felt so fresh, bright, and exciting… right? You were finally doing what you loved (plus, you were free from the 9-5 rat race). Remember the first day you woke up, made your coffee, and sat down to do the work you always dreamed of doing? Remember your first client interaction? Remember how that project had you so captivated that you forgot to make dinner?


Of course, you still love your business, it’s what you were made to do! But if you’re being honest (and you should be), it’s not all its cracked up to be. Somedays it feels like you never left the corporate rat race. Your time is split between client work (that you charged half of what it’s worth for), acquiring new clients, and obsessively checking your bank account. The time you thought you’d get to spend with your family? Dismal. The light that used to come on while working with your clients? Dwindling. At the end of the day, you’re left wondering what’s fading faster, your passion or your savings account.


If I’m describing your life so accurately that you’re looking for me stashed away in your office closet, it’s because I’ve been there. I’ve been frustrated and anxious at the end of the month. I’ve awkwardly reached out to old contacts on social media to “network”. I’ve agonized about the perfect Facebook post that would lead people to my website.


This better way lets me spend time with my family, do what I love, and bring home the proverbial bacon. This better way is what I want to share with you during my Marketing Kickstarter Intensive –Funnel + FB Ads. This intensive is a mentoring program to help get your marketing off the ground (perfect for those that are not quite ready for done-for-you services). It will help you generate consistent (qualified) leads, in an automated way that allows you to get your life back and do what you love. Together, we’ll dive deep into the best sales funnel and Facebook ad strategy for your business, and create a marketing plan of action for you to follow. We’ll even start building out your funnel framework to jumpstart things and give you clear direction.

Your Kickstarter Marketing Intensive (Funnel + FB Ads) Includes…

  • Half-Day Kickstarter Marketing Intensive – An in-depth half-day intensive where you’ll learn the best cutting-edge strategy to implement and together we’ll co-create your master execution plan for your sales funnel and FB ad campaign
  • Funnel Roadmap – A sales funnel roadmap (flowchart) with each step you need in your funnel.  You can easily visualize all the pieces to implement and ditch all the guesswork.


  • High Converting Lead Gen Funnel Template  I’ll give you my high converting lead generation funnel to get you up and running fast.  All you have to do is customize it (revise the text, colors, images etc) to fit your brand and make it your own… easy-peasy. *
  • Specific-To-You Marketing Strategy – We’ll dive into who your exact ideal audience is, your messaging and how to refine your customer journey in all phases (magnetizing attraction, nuture and convert) so you can build that know, like and trust factor and create a seamless transition through the different phases at an accelerated pace.
  • Specific-To-You Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy – Direction on the type of campaign(s), structure and strategy for your particular goal: campaign objective, audience targeting, ad placement.  It doesn’t just end there… you’ll also learn advanced marketing tactics for retargeting your warmer audiences in order to maximize your visibility and increase your sale conversions.
  • Your Personalized Plan of Action  – Receive a summary report with your funnel map breakdown and Facebook ad strategy so that you have a concrete plan of action.
  • Intensive Recording Replay Access – You’ll have access to the recorded kickstarter marketing intensive replay so you can review your personalized strategy as you go along. 
*** The shared funnel that I provide is created in Clickfunnels, a one stop funnel building software. I do receive a very small commision from Clickfunnels, when you set up a 14 -day free trial account but I truly believe this is the best funnel building software available and I only recommend services that I love and use myself.
**Unfortunately, due to the large size of the recording/video file, we cannot keep these recordings long-term. You’ll be able to access the replay for up to 2 months.

Continue With Monthly Mentoring To Keep Your Momentum Going

After the intensive, you can choose to continue in the optional monthly mentoring program! This program includes up to either a 90-minute call or two 45-minute calls monthly, to review your progress and provide additional strategic guidance for tweaking and optimizing your funnel + ad campaigns.  

I’ll help with…

  • Data analysis to check which ads are your best performers and which ones are duds
  • Funnel health -identify any trouble spots or ‘leaks’ where ideal client prospects are dropping off
  • Identifying what ads are ready to scale and how to scale them without breaking the optimization
  • Determining which ads are exhausted and need a refresh – new creative & copy
  • Audience targeting and retargeting recommendations
  • Custom audience recommendations and creation

I keep on top of all the cutting-edge marketing techniques and tools so you don’t have to.

Plus… an extra 20-minute ‘lifeline‘ call for when you get stuck some other time in the month and want to get some quick guidance.

What is the mentorship program?

It’s the help you need to get your ad campaigns up, running and optimized for results so you can focus more on your zone of genius.

How does the monthly mentorship work?

On a monthly basis, we’ll jump on a call (90-minutes or two 45-minute calls, if you prefer) where we take a deep look at your ads, their performance, and your overall funnel strategy.

Some of the areas I help with…
+ Analyze current campaign reporting data and make any recommendations to optimize and scale.
+ I’ll help you with your ongoing ad strategy and help identify any potential problem areas in your funnel so that you’ll get the most out of your ads.
+ Your FB audience targeting & retargeting, custom audiences, and check if your current ad creative & copy need to be refreshed.

I’m there to help so you never feel lost with Facebook ads again.

What if I have a burning question that can't wait?

In addition, if you have a burning question any other time during the month, you have access to me for a 20-minute ‘lifeline’ call. All you have to do is use my special scheduling link to hop on over to my calendar and book yourself in for your quick ‘I need help now‘ call.

How do I get results with Facebook ads?

Facebook ads require testing and time to optimize... And your funnel needs to be monitored for any bottlenecks where ideal client prospects may be dropping off. That’s why when you sign up for the mentorship program, you commit to a 3-month period. Your marketing is the key to success in your business and worth investing in. Getting results takes time and commitment but it’s well worth it!
PLUS: If you decide within the next 4 months that you would like to move forward with a full Funnel + Facebook Ad Campaign Initial Setup (done-for-you services), we will apply a $500 credit toward that full setup fee. Yep, that basically makes this a no-brainer!
Luisa has an extraordinary ability for spotting what’s not working in my business and then helping me break past those bottlenecks. I chose to work with Luisa because I knew her marketing insight and advice would help me grow my business in a way that still fit what I wanted my life to look like. She is a great marketing expert that is also very transparent and honest. That is something that especially stands out in today’s typical hard-sell world. But what makes working with Luisa an amazing experience is that you can tell how much she really cares about your business, and about the person who’s behind it. Luisa will customize a marketing strategy that not only gets you to your goal but that personally fits and feels comfortable implementing. If you are looking for someone to help you get an automated marketing system for your business, I highly recommend Luisa without any hesitation. Laura S.

I’m There To Help You So You Never Feel Lost With Facebook Ads Again

If you haven’t already clicked the call to action link, I have a question for you… Do you really want to close the page, open your inbox, and pray there’s a lead in there? No matter how religious you are, we can both agree that’s not a marketing strategy. When you started your business, didn’t you want certain things out of it? Didn’t you want freedom and security? You’ve been treading water for too long, and I’m offering you a pool noodle. So I’ll ask again, are you ready to get a solid plan to ditch the overwhelm and market your business the way it deserves?