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FACEBOOK™ ads are a fantastic option for business owners looking to advertise because they’re cost-effective, relevant, and interactive! However, it can take some serious fine-tuning and know-how to get them to work how they should. And, with every other part of running a business on your plate, it can be easy to ditch a non or underperforming FACEBOOK™ ad for something more familiar.


You started advertising on social media to get more consistent leads… not to throw money at an ad only 4 people have interacted with — right? Well if that’s where you are, don’t worry! There are a few common (and correctable) reasons your FACEBOOK ads aren’t bringing consistent leads into your business.


You’re using the wrong campaign objective:


Under the term ‘FACEBOOK™ ad’ there are actually 9 different campaign types to choose from! Selecting the right objective for your campaign is critical because it determines who sees the ad and how it’s set up. FACEBOOK™ places your ad in the newsfeeds of people that are most likely to take action based on the objective you select.


You can choose from:

  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Event Responses
  • Offer Claims


Choosing the Page Likes will drive people to your FACEBOOK™ business page and encourage them to ‘like’ it. This is a relatively small ask of someone and can be a great place to start if your company page is brand new. However, this kind of campaign doesn’t drive traffic off of FACEBOOK™… meaning there will be no real incentive for people to get into your sales funnel! Page likes rarely translate into a constant stream of leads.


To get a constant stream of leads from your FACEBOOK™ ads, you’ll want to drive traffic off FACEBOOK™ and directly to your sales funnel. Clicks to Website and Website Conversions both sound like they could be the way to go for that objective, so Digital recently did a test to see which was more effective. Website Conversions won hands down by increasing leads 5x over Clicks to Website. You can check out the study here. Just remember to add your base FACEBOOK™ pixel with a standard event to your landing and thank you confirmation page to get the most accurate tracking results.


Your creative isn’t scroll-stopping:


On average, FACEBOOK™ users spend approx. 20 minutes a day on the platform — but it’s not all at once! We’ve gotten in the habit of pulling our phone out to check out a notification or two, see a funny video, and then go back to what we’re doing. Because of that short window of time, the FACEBOOK™ ad creative is paramount. Not only does it have to meet all of FACEBOOK’s rules (found here), it has to be enticing enough to stop someone mid-scroll. Think about the last ad you stopped for… what made you stop? What was the image? Did it have text on it? The creative is the first thing someone sees as they’re scrolling by, so it has to grab attention.


Your copy doesn’t connect:


Ah… writing. It’s rare for a business owner to say — that’s my FAVORITE task! But even though it may feel like you’re back in high school, the ad copy is extremely important to focus on.


If your FACEBOOK™ ad isn’t pulling in the leads you want, think about who your copy is talking to. Does it use the language your ideal client would? Often when we’re uncomfortable writing we take a really formal approach — but ads don’t have to be formal! They should speak directly to who you’re targeting.


No matter if your ad copy is long or short, it should be immediately compelling — just like your creative. Does it hook readers as they scroll by? Or ask them an intriguing question? Your copy should prompt immediate action from your ideal client as they read it.


Once you have the body of your copy nailed down, don’t forget to check the headline. That is what appears directly under your ad creative — and it’s likely one of the first things a scroller will read. Make sure it’s clear (more clear than creative) and attention grabbing.


Your targeting missed the mark:


FACEBOOK™ advertising lets you drill extremely far down into your target audience. You can choose age, gender, country, likes, interests, etc. It can get really tempting to work up your ‘dream’ client in the targeting section. While everything should be done with them in mind, remember that a little bigger pool gives you more opportunity to land leads. Consider what’s essential for them to be your ideal client. Do they have to be a female entrepreneur? Great! Select female — but maybe they don’t HAVE to like the top influencer. Take a look at other interests and influencers as well!


Be prepared to set up multiple audiences and run tests. It’s unlikely you’ll hit the perfect audience out of the gate, so try different audience combos until you find one with the most interaction. Keep in mind that this can change based on what your offer is as well.


Your ad isn’t relevant to your audience:  


This can mean two things: you have an audience that tested high for one offer but doesn’t seem to be into this one, or your offer doesn’t cater to your ideal client at all.


As you’re crafting your offer, make sure you’re asking who will be using it and how to reach them. Not everything you release has to be for your ideal client or for the same audience, but make sure you’re changing your target audience based on your offer.


Once you think you have it nailed down, check your relevance scores in ad manager. You receive a score between 1 to 10 after 500 impressions have been reached, and you should be getting at least a 7.  Getting lower scores means the targeting, ad creative or copy are off the mark. Plus, lower relevancy scores also increase your ad costs!


You don’t have a strong CTA (call to action)


What is the whole point of your ad? What do you want people to do right away after they interact with it? If the answer to that is not clear to you — it definitely won’t be clear to your scroller. Check out your ad copy and landing page copy to be sure the next steps are crystal clear. Compelling copy can get them to stop, but if they don’t know what to do after they stop you still won’t grab the lead. Don’t be afraid to have a direct call to action — Download now/click here/grab yours here all encourage the reader to do something once they’ve stopped on the ad. If the offer is targeted to them and it’s something they find relevant there’s a high chance they’ll act on your call.


You set it and forgot it:


FACEBOOK™ ads are not the crock pot of the marketing world. They need to be checked in on regularly to make sure they’re performing as expected! It can take some time to see exactly what’s resonating with your audience and what audience is responding best to your offer.


As you test, be sure to only test one thing at a time — otherwise you won’t know where the leak was! Start with creative, then copy, and then audience. You can also create multiple ad sets with different audiences so you can see if certain ones respond to different copies or creatives.


Don’t throw in the towel! This is all part of the process.


You don’t give it enough time to optimize:


Also, FACEBOOK™ pixels take some time to warm up and get seasoned! They’re built to learn who is likely to take action and who is not — saving you time and money in the long run. Advertising on FACEBOOK™ is not a short-term game. The testing process and period takes time to perfect.


Your landing page doesn’t match the message in your ad:


So you stopped a scroller, grabbed their attention, and got them to click on your link — yay! But now where do they go? If your landing page doesn’t match the message in your ad or doesn’t live up to their expectations, they’ll leave.


You can tell if this is happening by checking your click rate on FACEBOOK™. Are people flooding over to your website and then not taking action? Ideally, your conversion rate should be 25-30% at a minimum.


Look at your landing page with a critical eye. If someone ONLY saw your business from your ad and that landing page, would they get a good picture of what you offer? Is your offer clear on both platforms? Is your call to action obvious on the page you send them to from the ad?




Understanding and fine-tuning your FACEBOOK™ ads can be time-consuming and daunting, but don’t give up on it! They may be challenging at first, but they REALLY WORK. Seriously, how amazing would it be to get $2, $4 or even $10 back for every dollar you invest? It’s possible with FACEBOOK™ ads.


If this all seems a little too far out of your wheelhouse I’m here to help. Achieving a consistent stream of clients is not a pipe dream with the right strategic plan… and I can create that plan. Apply for a free strategy call and we’ll get to work!