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So many ideas! So many decisions! So much on the to-do list! There’s blog content to create, then a Instagram stories to create, then Facebook groups to post in, then seo and possible ads to try get your head around. The list goes on. And suddenly your whole day has gone, you’re shattered from all the ‘busy-ness’, yet you’ve made pretty much NO DAMN PROGRESS.

Oh, the frustration. I feel you.


Oh, the frustration. I feel you.


I’m Luisa McClure, and it’s time you heard the good news. It can get better. Easier. Calmer. Waaaay less stressful. Oh, and a lot more enjoyable!

I know because I’ve been that frazzled, confused, I-feel-totally-useless woman who is trying so hard to make her business work but just can’t figure it out. Doing things I wasn’t comfortable with, like cranking out endless pieces of content until my fingers fell off. And posting on every. single. social. media. platform. ever. created. multiple times a day.  Call me old school, but I’m a little weary of all that exposure. I wanted to be visible to the right people in the right places.

You know what else I wanted? My freedom back. Freedom to go to that midday yoga class, enjoy a 2-hour sushi lunch with a girlfriend, or just take a day to binge a Netflix chick flick series I can’t get my husband to watch…

It took time (and trial & error) but I got there. A solid marketing strategy for your course launch or and evergreen strategy that runs like clockwork and brings in the perfect clients and customers seamlessly, and the best part is it doesn’t need attention 8 hours a day. 

Now I want to get you to that place, too! I want other coaches – who are so accomplished and so passionate about what they do – scale from 1:1 coaching to reach the massive potential they’ve got online (with courses or group programs) without the miserable uphill struggle.

Why me?


> I’ve been an experienced online wellness coach, registered dietitian & nutritionist myself, so I know the time and effort it’s taken for you to get to this point in your coaching business. We’re both doing meaningful work in our area of expertise to help the people who need it most. *Fist bump.*

> I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, so I know what it takes to build a business doesn’t just make money, it makes profit. That also means I’ve made a ton of “oh-shit” mistakes along the way – and you can avoid them all. You’re welcome.

> I have experience working in a digital marketing agency implementing strategic marketing funnels and email campaigns

> A good example of one of those mistakes was falling into the Shiny Object Syndrome trap. (Because dealing with Imposter Syndrome clearly wasn’t enough.) I bought all the courses and trainings and promises made by online influencers. Guess what? Let me summarize… I just needed a great marketing strategy & system (funnel). That’s all you need, too.

> Thanks to my addiction to learning evvvverything, I’ve already scoured the interwebz to find the best tools to create the most streamlined, reliable sales funnels for you. I may have saved you about 10,000 hours. (Only a slight exaggeration.)

> I AM 100% IN YOUR CORNER. With pom poms and everything. Ok, maybe not with pom poms, but I have poured my soul – along with my years of experience – into Wish Funnels to make sure you don’t wade through the same mud that I did. To make sure you don’t struggle like I did. To make sure your issues are solved before you even have a chance to start stressing about them.

You’ve got a dream. I’ve got your back.


I know you want to succeed really bad. And if you think success is only meant for other people and not you, that’s a load of crock.

You deserve to have that success, whatever success means to you. You just need a helping hand.


Bottom line. You wish you could build a business that has the clients knocking down your virtual door. A business that makes a profit without you selling your soul – and all your time – to the internet. A business that you LOVE because it gives you back the freedom you so desperately crave.

Well, I can grant your wish. Just call me Aladdin.

I’m kidding (about the Aladdin part). You don’t have to rub a lamp to get your wish granted. You just have to click the button.

Reckon it’s time to get yourself a Marketing Strategy & Funnel for your course launch and implement a list building email strategy that makes you more money and freedom – at the same time?

‘The only limits we have are the limits we believe’