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Grab a coffee and dive into these marketing and sales funnel strategies + tips to help you grow your freedom based business.

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Consistent Clients in Your Coaching Business (and what to do about it)

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Consistent Clients in Your Coaching Business (and what to do about it)

It’s no secret that a consistent client base sets your coaching business up for success. However, it’s also no secret that it’s often easier said than done to get a steady stream of clients. In the throes of it, the focus is usually to get someone – anyone breathing will do – through your sales funnel and into your business (meaning zombies are disqualified – sorry guys). But ultimately the problem lies in the big picture view of your business rather than those seemingly endless to-do tasks that keep you hustling 24/7. Great… so what exactly are these problems? Good question!

Here Are 7 Common Ones:

  • You haven’t decided on a niche or your niche is too broad. Niches are discussed high and low in courses and trainings, yet online entrepreneurs often still feel hesitation when declaring a niche. The common (and understandable) misconception is that once a niche is declared, you must turn away a potential client who does not fit into that niche. Yikes! No wonder there’s all kinds of hesitation. None of us jump out of bed wanting to turn away a paying customer. Thankfully, this is not how niches work. It’s your business and you can take on whomever you’d like! A niche simply means you specialize in something. And guess what? People will value your coaching more when you specialize. Think of the last time you or a loved one had a health concern. After initial testing, they sent you to a specialist, right? And you were not only happy to be there, you were happy to pay their higher rate. It was understood that this person lives in that space. They will know what’s going on in your ears/nose/throat for instance. If you already have a niche, don’t skip over this step! I encourage you to take a really good look at it and tighten it down. Say you specialize in weight loss for women. While that sounds specialized, it’s still very broad. There are tons of individuals and places focusing on women – they are half of the population after all! Think about tightening your niche further down to weight loss postpartum or post-menopause.


  • You’re unclear about your ideal client. Now that you have your niche tightened down, go one level deeper and think about your ideal client. The same concept applies here as with the niche – this does not mean you have to turn someone away because they don’t meet your profile exactly. It simply gives you a target to direct all your branding, copy, and offers to. Without an ideal client profile, your message will be too broad. You simply can’t communicate effectively if you don’t know who you are speaking to. Identifying your ideal client allows you to understand their unique pain points, struggles, and hesitations. When everything you do keeps them in mind, they’ll feel like you’re talking right to them. 


  • Your website doesn’t clearly communicate who you serve and what you do. Simply put: if your website doesn’t grab your niche and ideal client’s attention, they will leave –Yup, adios. That’s not intended to sound harsh, but studies show that a prospect spends less than 10-seconds on a page before making a decision to stay or go. If your messaging is not on point, and directed straight at them, they will go elsewhere. To avoid this, ensure your most relevant information is above the fold (visible in the initial screen area). This area should also contain a call to action button (CTA), a method of connecting with you, or a way to get on your email list in exchange for content that provides them value (your lead magnet).


  • You are not growing an email list. Oh, the email list… fewer things make a business owner hide their face in a cup of coffee than when they realize they still don’t have an email list because they’re not set up to collect visitors information (and frankly wouldn’t even know what to do with it). There is so much unnecessary shame around showing up in someone’s inbox. The antidote? Be confident in the value you’re delivering to them! It’s true what you’ve heard before, the money is in the list. This IS how you begin to get a consistent stream of clients – without relying on random opportunities, referrals, and word of mouth. Any way you slice it, growing your email list needs to be a top priority in your coaching business. 


  • You try to rush the client courtship. Making a sale is a lot like dating (I know, just when you thought you were done with all that!). Your audience needs to know, like, and trust you before they go all in! If you’re constantly rushing to the ‘close’, you will come off sleazy (even though I know you’re not!). In fact, it generally takes 5-7 touches to convert a lead into a paying client. But that’s not all…  these touches need to be strategically mapped out. People online are constantly bombarded with options, so in these initial interactions, it’s critical to wow them with your value. This includes the freebie or lead magnet parts of your funnel. As they move along, your messaging can speak to a warm, and finally a hot prospect. when a funnel is set up correctly – people will be more engaged, move naturally through your funnel resulting in higher conversions (aka consistent clients).


  • Your coaching offers are misaligned or unclear. Take a moment and put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. Feel their problem, understand their pain, put yourself in their frame of mind, and then land on your website. What is the natural progression from there? Where do you want to go first? What is your first offer? Does it build to your second one? Or do you sense that your client would be confused? How is the messaging for each offer? The simple fact is, if you can’t put together offers that are drool-worthy and irresistible, you are not providing a solution that they are seeking. Use a critical eye and check out what you’re actually providing and what the progression is like for your ideal client.


  • You’re not driving traffic. Build it and they will come is not a thing – you need to be actively driving traffic to your business and funnel. It means nothing if you have a beautiful website if no one sees it. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if your messaging is on point, it means nothing if no one reads it. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic – we could do a whole post on this one topic – but here are some basics:
    • Social Media Platforms – organic AND paid.
      • Facebook Ads are game changers.
      • The Facebook Pixel – SUPER cool thing that tracks who visits your website, specific pages, watches your videos, visits your FB business page. You then can create custom audiences based on this tracking and retarget these audiences (warmer leads).
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Guest Posting
    • Email Marketing – Try doing some giveaways, quizzes, polls, etc.

Achieving a consistent stream of clients is not a pipe dream with the right strategic plan.

Phew! I know, that’s a lot to digest at once (time for some coffee)… But by addressing these common foundational issues, your can become clear on your message, targeting, and offers. 


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9 Often Overlooked Ways to Get More Organic Reach & Grow Your Audience Using Your Facebook™ Business Page

9 Often Overlooked Ways to Get More Organic Reach & Grow Your Audience Using Your Facebook™ Business Page

It’s no secret that Facebook is the top social media platform (even those of us that remember rotary dial phones, perms, and dial up internet have an account!). But beyond catching up with old college flames or sharing life events and family photos, Facebook is a fantastic way to engage with your ideal clients… because they’re already there! A lot. In fact, according to Tech Crunch, users log in for an average total of 50 minutes per day! A commonly taught marketing strategy is to figure out where your clients are and meet them there. And, with over 2 billion users, it’s safe to say your niche is right here, waiting for you.

But the question is, how do you find (and engage with) your target audience in the sea of sponsored ads, cat videos, and memes?

While it’s true that organic (un-paid/free) reach has gone down in the recent years, and incorporating a paid Facebook marketing strategy is needed at some point to expand your reach, it’s still possible to have a big impact on your audience using these methods…before investing in an ad spend.

Let’s explore some commonly overlooked ways to organically grow your audience using your Facebook business page:
  • Optimize your page for SEO. I know, you thought social media was the place to escape the pressure to have a good SEO score! But the truth is, a few simple swaps will not only make your business page search friendly, it will position your page as a valuable resource.
    • Your page name should align with your brand. The page name you choose should match and align with your brand name.
    • Pick a descriptive (and memorable) username. The username is what appears in your Facebook URL.  You can reuse your page name here or use more search friendly keywords which will help your target audience have an easier time finding you.
    • Use descriptive keywords in your About section. This will make you searchable when people who need your service use the common keyword search in Facebook. Your About section is just as important on Facebook as it is on your website – consider it valuable real estate.
    • Reuse those relevant keywords throughout your page. Especially in the different sections like story, business info, and more info. Also, integrate them into your services tab as well. Doing this will increase your chances of popping up in a search.
  • Choose the appropriate page category that best describes your business. There are different templates that change the tabs, sections, and features of a Facebook business page. Make sure you’re utilizing the right one! You can change from the standard template by clicking settings and then ‘edit page’ on the left menu. This simple swap can take your Page to the next level, enhance the user experience, and direct your page visitors strategically (get them closer to signing up for your email list and wanting to work with you).
  • Turn on the Preferred Audience Feature. A big draw to paid Facebook ads is the audience feature where you can select who sees your ad based on gender, interests, location, and more. But a little-known secret is that you can do this organically as well!
    • Click on page settings -> “Preferred Page Audience” -> “set preferred page audience”. You will see options to select your audience by gender, interests, language, age, and location.
    • Next, enable the News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts feature in page settings.  (may also be called: “Audience Optimization for Posts”) Click on the settings tab and then under General Settings, find “News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts”. Click “Edit” and make sure this feature is turned on. This preferred audience option will now be available whenever you post!
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Images are highly engaging and eye catching as someone scrolls through their newsfeed. While graphics used to be complex to create, user-friendly software like Canva has removed the guesswork with stunning templates and free design advice. The first image to focus on is the one that everyone sees when they first land on your page… your cover photo. It should not only be eye catching, but it should give some clue as to what you do. Also, it’s is a great spot to promote your free offer. Connect the ‘Learn more’ button right below the cover photo to entice them to take action and get on to your landing page or services page. Not only does it get them on your website, it get’s them on your email list! The ideal size for a Facebook cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels.
  • Post engaging content. I know, “uh… duh?”. But the truth is, while everyone knows they should post engaging things, it’s far easier said than done. Here are a few tips to keep you on everyone’s favorite list:
      • Use a pinned post at the top of your page that is eye catching and sparks interest in your business. The post should have some sort of call to action and lead them to either your website or landing page.
      • Provide real value. Get into your client’s head and figure out what their current pain points are. How can you help them? This kind of content will not only build trust and authority, it will get them to interact with you and your business.
  • Create polls, discussions, and quizzes. This gives your audience something to DO with your content and gives you data on who’s interacting with you.
    • Don’t always be so serious…. let your personality shine through!
  • Take advantage of Video. Just like images, videos are a great way to catch your audience’s eye! Facebook Live is great not only because it notifies your followers that you’re on, it collects data in the background. People who watch your video can be retargeted with a Facebook ad at a later date. Plus, Facebook actually favors video and will give you a greater reach. (live video more so than uploaded video)
  • Interact with your audience. Of everything on this list, this is the simplest. If someone leaves a question on your post, answer it! If someone leaves a comment on your photo, reply to it! If someone sends a message, answer it! These are things people really notice – especially in an instant gratification world. In fact, Facebook actually rewards you for engaging and interacting with your followers on a regular basis by expanding your reach! Once your business grows and traffic increases, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you keep up with the volume. Here are a couple advanced tips:
    • Set up an autoresponder on Messenger. This ensures that even when you’re not online, your customer is taken care of! Go to settings -> messaging -> response assistant to create your message.
    • Cool advanced tip… create a post that hooks up to your FB messenger! You ask people to comment in the thread to get more information on something… and then when people comment, they get subscribed to your messenger bot. Wait, what?! Yep, you have now started a direct dialogue with them.
  • Create a Facebook group (if this is your thing & you’re up to the task). I add that disclaimer because groups are not a passive or easy thing to keep up with. But, they create a more intimate setting and community feeling for your customers, so they can be very beneficial. A few good rules of thumb are:
    • It should be a private group that people must request to join.
    • Utilize Facebook’s group admin tool to screen new members with a questionnaire so you can ensure they’re the right fit for your group! You can ask people requesting to join up to 3 questions.
    • Make sure it is framed as a community with a particular goal. Interact and nurture the relationships formed to help them along the way.
    • Concentrate on them and their problems – this will turn them into a community that thrives, grows, and supports one another.
  • Interpret your page’s analytics. This is a great way to get a snapshot of your post’s reach, popularity, and engagement as well as new likes. You can use this information to create more targeted content or even create new offers!

Did you find these Facebook marketing tips helpful?  Are you ready to up your marketing game, get more eyes on your online coaching business and bring in more consistent ideal client leads?  Facebook ads can do
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How To Bookmark Your Favorite Canva Stock Photos

Ever wish you could bookmark or ‘favorite’ stock photos in the Canva premium photo library? Unfortunately, there’s no way of doing that in

Unfortunately, there’s no way of doing that in Canva but there is a workaround that will save you a ton of time when you’re trying to find a photo again.

I put together this short tutorial on how you can create a Canva photo library index in google docs. You’ll be able to quickly find your favorite photos when you’re working on

You’ll be able to quickly find your favorite photos when your working on any future ad or social media graphics.

Comment below if you have any other questions about Canva 🙂