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Coffee Break, Funnels & Ads

Grab a coffee and dive into these marketing and sales funnel strategies + tips to help you grow your freedom based business.

Canva Tutorial: Create Animated GIFs & Movies

Need to be seen and make more of an impact in your coaching business?

You can spice up your ad graphics and gain more visibility with this new Canva feature that just rolled out!

I’m working on some Facebook ad graphics this morning and I wanted to quickly show you this feature so you could start utilizing it in your business too.

You can now create animated GIFs or movies in Canva! To learn how it works, watch this mini tutorial video.

Let me know if you try it out and comment below!

How To Create A Custom Video Views Ad Audience In Facebook

Using video in your marketing is extremely effective – whether it’s a Facebook Live stream or a video that you’ve uploaded.

You can create a custom Facebook ad audience in your Ads Manager account using the data generated from your video views (either your Facebook live streams or other uploaded videos).

You can build custom audiences based on how much of the video the audience has watched -anywhere from a few seconds up to 95% of the video viewed.  This is an amazing way to build a warm audience list that you can retarget ads to.

You can also use this audience to create new look-a-like audiences.

Watch this quick 7-minute tutorial video so you can get started building custom audiences today!