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Dark chocolate and strawberries… Netflix binges and wine… Pumpkin spice and Fall… Some things are just meant to be together, right?
Sales Funnels and Facebook Ads are one of those things.
Not only will this sweet combo save you loads of time, it will completely transform your business.   Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘sales funnel’ (just the journey your client takes during the sales process), it’s likely this is not new information to you!   You know an airtight sales system is the way to generate a consistent stream of client leads.   You know that with over 1 billion active daily users, your IDEAL audience is on Facebook, ready and waiting to hear from you.   But you also know just how much work it is to set all that up!
You have to…
▹ Create the copy (engaging and sharp, but also in accordance with Facebook rules).
▹ Find the right graphic (again, in accordance with Facebook rules).
▹ Set up your target audience (which means in-depth research and custom audience creation).
▹ Set up your landing page (that converts and aligns with the ad and your offer, so you aren’t losing prospects along the way in your sales funnel).
▹ Create the rest of your funnel (including an order confirmation page, one-time-offer page, and upsell page!).
▹ Test, Test, Test & Optimize (split-test images, copy, audiences, and more).
▹ Interpret all the analytics and data along the way (so you can retarget, adjust, and optimize).
Oh, sure, no problem. You’ll get right on that, right? In between scheduling blasts for all your social media platforms, writing blog posts, and hopping on a client call, of course.   Wait… didn’t you start this business to have FREEDOM?! But somehow you ended up totally tied to your computer, working long days, and spinning your wheels.   Well, never fear, let’s get you back there. Back at that 2 pm yoga class, back out to lunch with your girlfriends, and back living the life you want. As you may have guessed, that’s where I come in.   This stuff is my specialty. My jam. My ideal pairing (well, besides Netflix and wine… because who can say no to that?!).
Let me help you:
✔  Set ALL the pieces of the funnel and Facebook ad campaign up so you can breathe a sigh of relief and not have to learn another techy piece.
✔  Analyze the results, test, adjust and optimize along the way so you have peace of mind that your marketing dollars are getting the maximum return.
✔  Get visible and in front of your ideal audience so you can impact more lives with your passion and talents.
✔  Turn cold leads into warm leads while building credibility and trust.
✔  Bring consistent leads into your coaching business so you can finally get the income you know you’re worth.
✔  Make sales while you sleep, do yoga, and eat sushi.
Put the FREEDOM back in your lifestyle.   Do you feel that? The weight lifting off your shoulders? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from.   Click the nifty button below to schedule a call and learn more!


Happy Clients.
Denine S.
Luisa helps me get clear on my message, discover who and where my ideal clients are, and tailor my service & programs to reach and grow an audience online.  She can quickly evaluate my ideas and goals from a strategic perspective and develop one or two marketing strategies to start implementing and testing. Luisa has a gift for unlocking my analysis-paralysis mindset by meeting me where I am and leading me through the next several steps without overwhelming with everything. Luisa is a kind and compassionate marketing expert that provides the support needed to help market and grow your business. She has a calming way of teaching me new marketing concepts, while taking the time to listen to my needs, and goals.
“I chose to work with Luisa because I knew her marketing insight and advice would help me grow my business in a way that still fit what I wanted my life to look like. She has an extraordinary ability for spotting what’s not working in my business and then helping me break past those bottlenecks. Luisa is a great marketing expert that is also very transparent and honest. That is something that especially stands out in today’s typical hard-sell world. But what makes working with Luisa an amazing experience is that you can tell how much she really cares about your business, and about the person who’s behind it. Luisa will customize a marketing strategy that not only gets you to your goal but that personally fits and feels comfortable implementing If you are looking for someone to help you get an automated marketing system for your business, I highly recommend Luisa without hesitation.”
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