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Funnel Tools & Resources


Some tools you’ll need to implement an automated funnel system…

Email Service Providers

One of the most important and first pieces to have in place when you start your online coaching business is an email service provider.  It’s a tool that helps you capture emails from potential customers.  You don’t need anything too elaborate but you do want an email service that allows you to segment and tag your audience.   There are a couple of services I have used and recommend.  I initially started with ConvertKit.  It’s very simple and easy to navigate.  It’s lowest price point is $30 per month (0-1000 subscribers) and goes up from there.  I used them initially but decided to move on to Active Campaign because of some more advanced tools. Pricing starts at $9 per month (0-500 subscribers). I also liked that it you could visual flow chart view.  This allows you to visually see the big picture on one screen.  You can view your email sequences, tags and segmentations in a flowchart format.  Are you just starting out?  There’s a free solution that’s simple to use and has been breaking out as the new player in the marketplace. Mailerlite offers a free account (0-1000 subscribers) that includes email sequences – quite a good deal. Check out all three of these email services below. There’s one that will fit your needs no matter where you are in your business at this point.

Landing Pages & Funnel Builders

A few years ago, a new tool called ClickFunnels came out and it’s become wildly popular.   This is my FAVORITE funnel tool!  Many entrepreneurs use it. Some have actually moved their entire websites over to them.  If you want to find out what it’s all about, then click the image below.
If you think it’s as cool as I do, then you can grab a free 14-day trial through my link and test it out!

is another good tool to create landing pages.  They have ready to use templates that you just need to edit the text on or they now have drag and drop style templates.  This platform’s capabilities are more limited than ClickFunnels though.

My goal is to provide you with helpful tips and tools to help you implement your sales funnel system.  I have researched and/or used the tools or services that I recommend.

I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.  Integrity is important to me. Gaining and keeping the trust of my readers is paramount. I only promote products I personally use or can recommend without hesitation.

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