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I know, the term ‘sales funnel’ shows up EVERYWHERE! Facebook groups, ads, and blog posts. It’s said to solve all problems, but what the heck is it?! it can seem like overwhelming tech jargon, but it’s actually rather simple with the right tools and it’s a total game changer for your coaching business. People swear by them for a reason! So let’s dig in…

Sales Funnels: Coaching Edition

Simply put, a sales funnel is the journey a potential client takes from the moment they first see your content or website through when they become a paying client. The best sales funnels make this process super simple for the client and require as little effort from them as possible.

Let’s say someone saw an ad for your business on Facebook. Your free offer (a PDF checklist for supplements) made them curious, so they clicked over to find out more! After all, there are SO many kinds of supplements out there. The ad takes them to a landing page where they’re able to download the handy-dandy checklist and learn more about you. Once they enter their info, they’re redirected to a page that offers a 1-on-1 call with you to discuss their health goals and supplement questions. After watching your brief video and learning about the call, they bite and enter their credit card information! Awesome, right?! Plus, this all may have happened while you were sleeping or hanging out with your family.

Basically, when people buy from a coach, they need to know, like, and trust them, right? Well, the right funnel allows them to get to know, like, and trust you prior to your “ask”. It allows you to interact with the potential client without physically having to get involved (yet). That saves you time, earns you money, and puts qualified leads directly in your inbox. This allows you to continue to communicate with the potential client and invite them to work with you. It can also become more complex with upsells and downsells, as well as multiple levels of premium package offers such as webinars, packages, or events.  

All in all, a sales funnel in a coaching business is used to generate awareness, nurture the relationship, and build demand for your service or offer. Moving a customer through the funnel consists of strategically planned steps that educate them about your offer while building trust (and awareness).

As they move through each step of your funnel, a number of prospects will drop off. This is normal and good because it weeds through the clients who wouldn’t be a good fit. But the right sales funnel retains client’s who can’t wait to work with you!

The ‘Top’ of a Sales Funnel

The actual structure of a funnel can vary, but they all start with one thing… awareness.

You can build awareness a variety of ways like Facebook lives, Ads, networking (the old school way!), blogging/SEO, podcasts, social media posts, and videos (read more about how video marketing is changing the marketing game here). Of course, awareness requires repeated work to keep attracting people to your funnel. My favorite way to do this is Facebook Ads because you can really “rinse and repeat” the process.

It requires less recurring work from you, leads generate automatically, according to Tech Crunch, users log into Facebook for an average total of 50 minutes per day, and the Ad spend (cost per view/click) is way lower than other platforms (like Google). In fact, if done right, for every dollar you put in a Facebook Ad you should get at least $2 or much more back.  It’s actually not out of the ordinary for people to make a return of 4X or more!

If you want to know more about this, book a Facebook strategy call with me! I’ll take the tech side off your plate so you can get back to focusing on the stuff you love.

Sales Funnel Anatomy: 101

By now you’re probably saying “heck yes!” to funnels and wondering what you actually need to get started. Yay! You basically need three components to make a funnel run. I’ve been around the block a few times, so I’m highlighting some of my tried and true favorites in each category!

First, you’ll need a landing page builder. My favorite tool for this, hands down, is Clickfunnels. Not only is Clickfunnels super simple to use (think drag and drop) it’s all-inclusive. That means you don’t need a software for the page, a software for the cart, a software to schedule, etc. All of those functions live within Clickfunnels! Plus, the analytics are unparalleled. You can even tell exactly where people dropped off on your funnel based on what pages they visited! That feature lets you send out emails to JUST those people to answer questions or just nurture the lead.

In order to use those awesome analytics, you’ll need a great email service provider. Clickfunnels integrates with ActiveCampaign if you’re on a certain plan, or allows you to use any other provider if you’re not. I personally love ConvertKit because it provides great flexibility and is fully customizable.

Your email service provider is how you will communicate with those who opt-in for your offer or enter your funnel. You can send abandoned cart emails like mentioned above or broadcast emails when you release a new coaching program! Plus, email marketing is a really good way to tell if you’re connecting with your audience. If your “open rate” skyrockets when you talking about a certain subject, that’s a clear picture of what they’re wanting to hear!

Finally, you need a way to collect payment in your funnel. If you’re using PayPal, or Stripe already you don’t have to change anything! These systems both integrate fully with Clickfunnels so it’s super simple for both you and your client. Using Clickfunnels also eliminates the need for you to add a shopping cart to your website!

If you want to see vetted leads flood into your inbox daily, without staying up all night chasing people in Facebook groups, then you need a sales funnel!

However, it can be overwhelming to just dive in, so I’m here to help. In fact, I created a free training just for that reason. During a 30 minute workshop, I will teach you how to package your services into premium offers (that your ideal audience will love and buy), how to implement a simple system that works for you 24/7 (a funnel!), how to attract leads to that funnel, and how to automate the whole shebang. Register for the workshop here — but hurry, it’s only running for a limited time.