Hey There! A little birdie told me that you want to build your own online coaching business that does three things:

 Brings in the RIGHT clients (i.e. those who will pay what you’re worth).

 Brings in the cash, consistently. Key word: consistently.

 Gives you the time and freedom to actually have a life.

Because even though your business is your life, it’s not everything. There’s the family you want to spend more quality time with, the adventures you want to go on, and the luxury spa (with the sexy masseur) you’d really like to make your second home.

What’s the point in bringing in the cha-ching if you can never enjoy the life it affords you?

Right now, you’re strolling down Struggle Street. All the hours… and hours… spent blogging, posting on social media, stalking people in Facebook groups (yeah, I’m looking at you), and nothing much to show for it. Apart from a self-diagnosis of Imposter Syndrome, of course.

Which leads you to question what the hell you’re doing.

Why is it so hard to attract your ideal clients?

Why is it so hard to figure out what to do next?

I'll tell you. It's on the other side of a sales funnel

That’s exactly why I created…

A 90 Day Co-Conquer Program for online coaches which focuses on planning, implementing, automating, and optimizing your first online sales funnel.

Huzzah! It’s everything you need all in one place. All the way from nailing down your audience and niche, to the offer you want to provide, to the tech set up. And yes, personalized guidance from me (you can breathe a sigh of relief).

Wondering WTF a funnel actually is? It’s simply an automated customer journey. Let’s look at a quick and basic example.

Your ideal client sees one of your Tweets, or Facebook ads, or guest posts and gets excited by what you have to say.

They click through to a landing page that has ’em hooked, so they enter their email address to get on your email list.

You nuture them by sending valuable emails over a period of time (which makes them fall madly in love with you).

Then, you invite them to buy from you. Once, twice, as many times as you like!

So many programs tell you WHAT to do without actually showing you HOW to do it.  #nothelpful

Funnel To Freedom is not one of those programs. It’s broken down into three main phases (with 9 co-conquer modules in total) to make sure absolutely nothing is missed out.

1. Planning and mindset (100x more important than you think)

2.  Action & implementation of your funnels and systems

3. Analyzing and optimizing your funnel once it’s up and running (and bringing in those clients!)

Sure, it’s going to take work and time. But I can almost guarantee it would take you a heck of a lot more work and time (and sweaty, sleepless nights) trying to figure it out on your own. Or there’s always the other option of procrastinating like it’s your day job and never making any real progress at all, but you’d never do that, right? 😉

I promise, if you put in the effort in the short-term, the long-term benefits are so worth it. Because you’re not just getting a sales funnel at the end of it, you’re getting your life back. Oh, and all this along the way.

 You’ll have clarity on what you’re selling, who you’re selling to (hint: it’s not everyone), and why they need what you have to offer.

 You’ll know how to get in front of the right audience by creating relevant and value-based lead magnets (free content that people sign up to your email list to receive) that people lap up like cats.

 You’ll be able to create compelling offers that your ideal clients can’t resist (a bit like what happens when you put a plate of donuts in front of them).

 You’ll know how to create cohesive marketing messages that magnetize your ideal clients – and put off anyone who isn’t. Because you’ve got no time to waste on people who are never going to buy.

 You’ll know how to set financial goals (weekly, monthly, and annually) and the exact number of clients and sales you need to take to achieve them using a customizable income goal worksheet. No more flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best.

 You’ll have a project manager (me!) for 90 days to help you work through the training and implementation. So all those questions you’re worried you’ll have? Will be answered.

You’ll have a marketing system that’s automated, streamlined, and scalable, so your business can grow at the same time as giving you your freedom back. Hola, money + family time + relaxation + adventures + JOY.

Funnel To Freedom is designed to equip you with every single piece of the sales funnel puzzle and show you exactly how they’re all put together. So you map out and build a complete customer journey – with ease – that attracts the right people (the ones who have money to spend) and turns them into buyers.

No more limiting beliefs holding you back because you’re scared to fail or don’t feel like you deserve success.

No more fretting over the dozens of ideas in your head and not knowing which one to choose.

No more throwing precious money at another course praying for it to be the one and it only covering a small piece of the puzzle (or, even worse, it turns out to be a total waste).

No more feeling hopeless because another month has gone by and you’ve got no clients

No more hearing crickets when you pitch a new offer on a zillion social media channels.

No more wasting time jumping through hoops to complete a task that could take 90% less time with the correct instruction.

No more hours and hours of working your butt off with very little to show for it.

With Funnel To Freedom, your coaching business can go from struggle to strength in just 90 days. And you can take a breath (and a sip of wine) while you watch the clients line up on autopilot.

With every module, you get a list of clear steps to follow so you can get that shit done without wasting brain cells worrying about whether you’re doing it right or missing something out.

Here’s a module breakdown of all the (very real) magic that awaits you.

Module 1

Expertise & Passion

Hone in on your area of expertise, your skills, and what do you love to do.

Get clarity on who you want to work with and how you can best help them.

Lay the foundations of a marketing system that aligns with your personal life.

Module includes: worksheet

Module 2

Mindset: the first step to success

Clear out the mental junk and create the right mindset to believe in yourself and your wild, wonderful, and totally achievable goals.

Overcome and banish those doubts, fears, and insecurities that follow you around like the smell of cabbage soup.

Avoid self-sabotage and move through the planning and implementing stages without mental setbacks.

Learn to take action (even if imperfect) to gain competence first – and then the confidence will follow.

Module includes: worksheets & video

Module 3

Get clear on your client & niche

Narrow down your niche and the people you want to serve so you’re doing work that excites you in the mornings.

Learn research methods to validate that your expertise lines up with the audience you want to appeal to (what you think they want isn’t necessarily what they actually want).

Nail down the struggles and dreams of your ideal client, so you know exactly how to get them interested in what you offer.

Module includes: worksheets & video

Module 4

Create a drool-worthy offer

Outline an offer, based on your research, that will solve your ideal client’s struggle and get them to where they’d like to be if they could snap their fingers and make a wish (this offer is what will sit at the bottom of your funnel).

Flesh out that outline with achievable steps that will take them from point A to B without overwhelming them – or you.

Module includes: worksheets & videos

Module 5

Calculate your success

Set your financial goals and objectives using an easy-as-pumpkin-pie formula.

Price your offer and work out how many you need to sell to reach the goals (and get those Paypal notifications rolling in like crazy).

Module includes: worksheet with calculator & videos

Module 6

Start attracting ideal clients

Create valuable lead magnets, welcome gifts, and freebies that are relevant to your audience and your offer and provide them with ‘quick-wins’.

Promote your stuff in a non-sleazy way through both free and (if desired) paid channels.

Learn how to use social media in the most time-efficient way – finally!

Module includes: cheatsheet, video tutorials on creating hot social media graphics using Canva and Get Stencil, and a BONUS Facebook ad anatomy template.

Module 7

Nail your marketing message

Put together cohesive and consistent marketing messages to share with your people in a way that will delight them.

Audit your website so the messaging on it lines up with all of the work done in the previous modules.

Module includes: video & worksheet and BONUS anatomy templates of a home page, about page, and sales page.

Module 8

Build your automated customer journey

Map out exactly how your customer journey looks (from the point where your customer finds you all the way to the point where they buy from you) using my simple templates with prompts – and yes, there will be examples for you to work from!

Guidance on which tools to use for your funnel (ConvertKit? LeadPages? ClickFunnels? Paypal? Oh my!) and ensure no customer slips through the cracks.

Set up and test all the tools and software, including email service provider, landing page or funnel pages provider, scheduling software, payment processor – tech fear no more!

Module 9

Optimize for success

Analyze key numbers to decide which parts of your funnel should be tweaked for even better results.

Understand the basics of pixel codes and the Facebook pixel to track traffic and clicks and evaluate results to ensure your funnel is kept in tip-top condition so the clients keep on coming.

Learn what to look for in your data to determine if your funnel has a leak so you can fix it.

Hold up! There’s more.

You’ll also get:

Bimonthly group coaching calls throughout the 90 days to support you at whichever stage you’re at. It could be helping you define your niche, giving feedback on a lead magnet, or tech troubleshooting.

▷ Facebook Ads basic training video, to get that traffic flowing to your funnel straight away

▷ Facebook Power Editor video walkthrough (this is where you set up your ads, so it’s crucial you know how to use it so you don’t waste your ads budget)

▷ My top-secret Trello Funnel To Freedom project management system to keep you on track and on schedule through the 90 days

Phew! It’s a lot, I know. But that’s not something to be overwhelmed by, it’s something to get excited about. Everything is broken down into straightforward, manageable chunks, and as soon as you’ve worked your way through the modules (with me by your side every step of the way!) you’ll have a future-proofed system all set up, running smoothly, and bringing in that consistent income.

The value in this 90-day group program is insane, but the investment in yourself and your coaching business is worth it. An entire up-and-running funnel for your online coaching business that brings in consistent high converting leads!
And…yes, there are payment plans available. You only have to ask 🙂

Sound like exactly what you’re wishing for? Then let’s have a chat via a Zoom or Skype call to make sure it’s the perfect fit. I enjoy providing a high touch, personalized program so I only have room for a select few every month.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply today.

One click will send you through to my Acuity Scheduling page where you can immediately select a convenient time slot to talk everything Funnel To Freedom!


P.S. Love what you’ve read so far but would like personalized 1:1 support & guidance with me (your coach, mentor, consultant & project manager all in one) for 120 days to keep you moving forward? Ahem…light a fire under your b*tt and fast track you to your goal. My premier tier may be the perfect fit for you.  Click the button above to apply and I’ll give you all the details on our call.


“I´m so glad I met Luisa when I started my business. Luisa is incredibly strategic. She knows her stuff and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve achieved by applying her advice. What I really like about Luisa is that she listens and then recommends a customized marketing strategy that takes my strengths into account and aligns with the lifestyle I want. Her guidance has been key in the success & growth of my business. ”
– Laura

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